A Woman Like That

A Woman Like That

A Novel

by Susan Richards Shreve

"This is a serious, skillful and painful novel which we suffer - knowing there is doom ahead. Yet Susan Shreve's sympathy for her people makes their helplessness endurable; her spare prose makes this tragedy as sharp and bracing as a cold, cold day."—John Irving

“Quite simply, I found this novel fascinating because it told me something about the forces that mold a strong personality, that shatter it to bits. I thought about Emily Fielding for several days after reading her tragic story.”—Gail Godwin

"A Woman Like That was a pleasure to read. Susan Shreve has fine insights into her characters' behavior and wonderful control over her material, manging to be moving without ever being mawkish."—Hilma Wolitzer


It is Emily Fielding of whom the title speaks, a child of a loveless, though sometimes passionate marriage that ends in murder, presumably freeing Emily to live her own life. It becomes a life of self-contradiction.  She takes lovers but has no relationships. Spurning marriage, she willingly becomes pregnant and bears a child – a daughter, Pia – an elemental love that will order and control her life. Articulate, controlled, attractive, yet with an edge of hysteria showing through, she is vulnerable to love when it finally comes in the person of Stephen Williamson.

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