Daughters of the New World

Daughters of the New World

a novel

by Susan Richards Shreve

"Daughters of the New World is an enthralling saga -- a powerful novel that will make all American women feel proud of their heritage." —Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

"Shreve is a master storyteller ... An intricate portrait of the American woman and her creative centrality inside and outside the home." —The Miami Herald

"A fast-moving generational novel ... Anna, Amanda, and Flat Mouth are characters well worth caring about in this swiftly paced saga." —San Francisco Chronicle


Susan Richards Shreve gives us a breathtaking portrait of America since 1900, as witnessed by four generations of strong, passionate women. Daughters of the New World is a spell-binding chronicle of extraordinary, incident-rich lives, a multigenerational novel with a contemporary sense of time. It features unforgettable characters who enhance our admiration of American women—their great strength, their capacity for love, and the their courage to invent their own lives.


“America,” Anna Jermyn said from the ship’s deck where she lay wrapped in a wool blanket, concealing with her longer, broader body the body of her dead mother. “So, Papa, we are here and you said we would never be.”


“New York,” her father said dully.


The skyline of New York floated in brown square blocks just at the end of Anna’s vision and she squinted her eyes against the bright glare of the distant noonday sun.


“New York is not America,” her father said as if he had memorized all of the information about his new life in advance. “And besides, we are not all of us here.”


“Well, I am,” Anna said.

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