Joshua T. Bates In Trouble Again

Joshua T. Bates In Trouble Again

Susan Shreve


It’s not easy being Joshua T. Bates! First he flunked third grade and had to go through the agony of repeating it for three months. Now he’s being promoted to fourth grade, but it’s a nightmare because Tommy Wilhelm, Joshua’s sworn enemy, is the leader of the class. Everyone’s afraid of Tommy — even Joshua will do almost anything to prove to Tommy that he’s not a nerd. but that means he needs some power. An where can a kid like Joshua get power? In this new novel by the author of The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates, Susan Shreve once again realistically captures the touching humor of Joshua’s latest predicament.


It was still dark when Joshua Bates woke up on the Monday morning after Thanksgiving for his first day in the fourth grade at Mirch Elementary. And it was gloomy with a strong wind banging against the windows.


He had been looking forward to this day for a very long time. But on this stormy morning, his knees weak, his brain a jumble of worries, he wished today was over and he was waking up to his second day of fourth grade.


He got out of bed, lifted Plutarch, his cross-eyed yellow cat, from the comforter where he was sleeping, turned on the light, and looked at himself in the the long mirror on his closet door. He was not pleased.

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