Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge

Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge

by Susan Shreve, illustrated by Dan Anbresser


When Joshua T. Bates flunked third grade, it was the most humiliating experience of his life.  But he was promoted — finally — and things seem to be back to normal. True, his brainy older sister Amanda is an irritating know-it-all, he is having trouble with math , and Tommy Wilhelm is still his worst enemy. But it could be worse, right? Right! A new fifth-grader has arrived at Mirch Elementary, and he wants to be Joshua’s best friend. The problem? The kid is a total nerd. At least, Tommy Wilhelm and his secret gang of bullies say he’s a nerd. And that can mean only one thing for Joshua T. Bates: Trouble. From the award-winning author of The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates comes a sequel about an average kid’s struggle to cope with the problems of peer pressure, fitting in, and, well, life in the fifth grade.


Joshua T. Bates was just beginning to recover from the worst year of his life. Even now, whenever he walked down the corridor to the library or up the steps to the gym or out to the playground, he was certain at least some of the children at Mirch Elementary were whispering, “That’s Joshua Bates. Remember? He’s the one who flunked third grade.”


“Children forget what happened last year, darling,” his mother had told him. “And besides, you were promoted.”


“You’re wrong about children,” Joshua said. “They always remember the bad things about you.”

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