Kiss Me Tomorrow

Kiss Me Tomorrow

by Susan Shreve, illustrated by Sue Truesdell


There are too many men in Blister’s life. Starting with her father, the irresponsible Jack Reed, who’s happy to play the role of “Dad”…as long as it doesn’t inconvenience his wife, Tamara. Then there’s Frank Holt, the boyfriend of Blister’s mom, who might actually be a good guy — but Blister’s not sure she wants him to be. There’s Jakob Cutter, a tough (but cute) seventh-grade boy; now he’s casting his charming shadow over Blister. But does he like Blister for real, or is he just trying to find out what her best friend Jonah has told the police? And finally, there’s Jonah himself, who makes one critical error in judgment that may land him in jail. And another for kissing Blister when she comes to his rescue…


Blister was waiting for Jonah Morrison, her nose pressed against the living room window that over-looked the parking lot of the apartment where she lived with her mother and sometimes Daisy G. 


Jonah was later. Eight o’clock on the first day of seventh grade at Memorial Junior High and he was already fifteen minutes late.


“Good-bye yesterday, hello tomorrow,” she’d said to Jonah when they’d talked on the phone the night before and she knew by the tremor in his voice that he was nervous about junior high too.

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