Lucy Forever, Miss Rosetree and the Stolen Baby

Lucy Forever, Miss Rosetree and the Stolen Baby

by Susan Shreve, pictures by Eric Jon Nones


Sixth-grade “shrinks” Lucy Childs and Rosie Treeman love to invent psychiatric case histories, like the woman so obsessed with plants tclover grovws out of her ears. But no case they ever imagined was as strange — or as dangerous — as the one the dropped into Lucy’s life with the discovery of an abandoned baby.


It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon in April and Lucy Childs, dressed as usual as Dr. Forever in her grandmother’s old gray suit, high-heeled black suede shoes, and a strapless bra stuffed with pink toilet paper, was in a terrible mood. She sat at her desk in the offices of Shrinks, Incorporated — located in the basement of her house on Rugby Road in Charlottesville, Virginia — with a plate of Oreo cookies, licking the icing in the middle and waiting for something to happen.

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