The Train Home

The Train Home

Susan Richards Shreve


Two people meet by chance on a Washington subway. Annie Blakemore, an aspiring opera singer with a romantic imagination, two delightful children, and a husband made bitter and abusive by an automobile accident, becomes obsessed with a handsome priest she sees on the train. Knowing that her pursuit of a stranger is irrational, but intuiting that there is something right about it too, Annie follows him, little realizing that he is not what he seems. For Will Huston is not a priest at all, but an Irish actor in disguise, out to find and punish the man responsible for his young brother’s death. As their paths cross, we begin to realize that, impossible as it may seem, their futures lie in each other.



Annie Blakemore fled down the escalator of the Union Station subway, taking the moving steps two at a time, through the turnstile and still at a run onto the Red Line train to Shady Grove just before the doors shut.

The train was not crowded — several empty double seats ahead — but when she checked, running her eyes down the aisle, there in the fourth seat back by the window looking directly at her was a priest, boyish but not young, with gray hair long over the collar. The look he gave her was not flirtatious, although she had reason to be suspicious of priests, but rather inquiring, as if they knew one another and her sudden appearance on the subway alarmed him.

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